Welcome to Flirtymania Online Video Chat

If you scrolled the live streams list down to this text, you’ve probably got some questions related to the site. Read this manual to learn more about Flirtymania’s special features. We’ll guide you through the website to enhance your video chat experience.

Flirtymania online video chat — Main screen

The main chat page is where users go when clicking the “Enter chat” button on the website. All key features are stored here: live streams, your own chat room, a gift shop, private messages, search, subscribers menu, and settings. You can access any video chat page from the main one.

Browse live streams in online video chat — Explore

All live streams are stored in the middle of the screen and are accessible from the Explore menu screen. Popular streams rank higher on the list. Scroll through the list to find what you like best.

Cover images on each of the live streams help viewers decide whether they would like to join the stream or not. To join the most popular rooms and watch the best video chat rooms you must have coins in your account.

In the middle of the left sidebar menu, you can find your watching history. These are the 5 last video chat rooms you have visited.You can access these recent live streams from the history at anytime. The cam icons show if the stream is currently in live mode.

Find your subscriptions under the history submenu. Subscriptions are video chat rooms that you follow. To subscribe click on the username and then click the star icon on the top left corner of the screen. By doing this, you will get notified when your favorite users start their live streams. Any Flirtymania user can follow you unless you have blacklisted them.

How to meet girls in online video chat

On the right side of the main screen, you will find a public chat, which enables all Flirtymania users to get to know each other and communicate. Click on any nickname in the chat window to send a private message, follow, or jump to their live stream (if it’s currently online).

How to start streaming on Flirtymania — My room

To set up a live video chat, choose “My room” and click the “Go live” button on the bottom of the screen. All of your current viewers are listed on the left side of the screen. A chat window on the right enables you to communicate with viewers and send gifts and emojis for free.

Free video chat with girls — Dialogs

Select private messages under the “My room” menu. Your complete chat history is stored there. Simply start chatting with people you care about. You are only 1 click away from a free video chat with real girls!

How to impress a girl when chatting — Gifts

Just like in the real world, to impress a girl in video chat you should pay attention to her wants and needs. The best way to show her that you care is to send her a gift.

You can easily find the coin shop on the left. Get one of the coin packs and buy gifts for the girls — they will appreciate it! Keep in mind that a gift will make a new conversation more personal. Come on, start chatting and don’t be shy!

How to ask a girl for a video chat — Search

Use the search in the left sidebar menu to find any user that is registered on Flirtymania. To ask a girl for a video chat, just scroll through the list of users to find her. You can start chatting, subscribe, or join the video chat room from the search screen.

If you know exactly who you are looking for, just start typing their name or ID and check the suggested search results. This can save you a lot of time.

How to find your soulmate online — Fans

We made free video chat rooms for everyone to meet friends and soulmates online. To start, click “Explore” and visit our public chat on the right side of the main screen. All Flirtymania users see this chat, so you can start looking for your soulmate there.

Once you start streaming you’ll get regular viewers, patrons and fans (followers). Your followers are the most valuable people you have on Flirtymania. They are loyal to you and they like what you do. You’ll most likely find your soulmate among your followers. Just try to get to know them better!

Chat with celebrities online — Top 10 stars in the hall of fame

You’ve probably heard about video chats with celebrity idols. Sometimes famous people join chat rooms to meet their fans. You can also meet celebrities on Flirtymania.

We’ve got our own hall of fame on Flirtymania online video chat. Chat room hosts that have managed to get there have thousands of viewers every time they go live. We sincerely believe that the best live streams should be generously paid. The more viewers you have the more you get paid.

Find the best video hosts in the Hall of Fame and check whether they deserve their titles or not. Also, if you are going to stream, you should check out your potential competitors from this list of top broadcasters.