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Secure and private chatting. You are absolutely safe at Flirtymania. All your data is completely safe whether you’re streaming or watching another streamer. Services like Chatroulette are not so attentive to their users and thus have security issues.

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Experience diversity on Flirtymania. Flirtymania supplies every user with just the sort of fun they prefer. Our pleasing streamers listen to their audience and remain themselves at the same time!


User-friendly interface. Your age and skill are not important because our website is quite easy to navigate through. We care about your experience on this platform that's why the interface is convenient and effective unlike Chatroulette. Both chat rooms and live streams are easily accessible.

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Not only texting. It's cool to message someone, to text about your thoughts and wishes. Still, one always feels this lack of visual support and stimulation. Chat roulette cams and other sites cannot provide you that level of visual experience that Flirtymania offers. Choose webcam or video and prepare for pure plasure on!

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No age limits at Flirtymania. Excluding youngsters we welcome all possible ages. There are three user categories: novices, amateurs and professionals with a cetain streaming experience. Such range of ages gives you the opportunity to watch different types of broadcasts. It doesn't matter if you’re a slightly older streamer - you’ll find no issues at the Flirtymania community.

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Supports a huge range of languages. People should feel comfortable in chat rooms no matter what language they speak. On Flirtymania platform there is no main language - whatever is your mothertongue, Flirtymania welcomes you.

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Launch your stream on Flirtymania now! Video Chatting, free live roulette chat rooms and more for huge profit at Flirtymania.