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Flirtymania offers its users a set of options unavailable at Chat Avenue and similar services

Anonymity and safety guaranteed!

Flirtymania takes care about your data, no matter whether you are a streamer or visitor. Anyway, your tete-a-tete with our girl won't be disturbed. Other websites do not have such level of safety so they experience certain issues.

Diversity rules

Other websites have limited options but Flirtymania offers a wide variety of girls of every colour, shape and size. Moreover, our beauties are always ready to have some fun and satisfy the customer!

User-friendly interface

It is easy to use our website even for inexperienced users. Unlike other websites Flirtymania has a convenient and effective interface in which you can easily navigate and find what you need. Choose a chat or broadcast and enjoy!

More than just texting

Apart from the usual messaging we offer you a more lively way of conversing - meet girls in webcam video chats and share your fantasies. Don't forget to look them in the eyes;) This piquant option is unavailable on other such sites.

Flirtymania has no age limits

Children and teens are excluded, of course. All other ages are welcome to spend your time on Here we have novices, amateurs and professionals who have a huge streaming experience. Choose among a variety of streams or launch your own broadcast because age does not matter much on Flirtymania.

Language support

You have found a girl you like but she is foreign so how do you talk to her? Here it's not a problem and you do not have to learn a specific language. At Flirtymania you can rely on auto translation during your intimate chat. This way you will be able to concentrate fully on your enchantress.

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