How to be a cam girl

Become a webcam girl. Earn from $500 per week. Anytime, anywhere.

Web cam modeling job

Flirtymаniа is an independent webcam site. Cam girls receive all payments, no agencies or intermediaries needed. No CVs or interviews - you control your income yourself. The app is available in 17 languages on all popular platforms, including mobile ones. Stream via Iphone, Android or your PC. Undressing for viewers is not necessary at all.


A successful cam girl's income per week.

Earn money online

You earn money the first second you start streaming. The more active your audience, the higher your final income.

Paid messages

You can earn more on private messages by submitting your photo or video with a cost per view.

Video calls

Private call is more money every minute.

Gifts from viewers

To thank you, viewers can send you coins in 1 click.

Free donations

Use any service convenient for you to collect donations and get a reward without commissions.

Get 100% income from each donate

Your income is not limited by our platform! Add links to donate services, or add instructions to the description of the broadcast to accept donations.

Try broadcasting using OBS by adding donate widgets - it will attract viewers' attention to donations. We recommend PayPal, QIWI, DonationAlerts. Posting links to competitor services is prohibited.

Why is this profitable for authors?

  • 100% payments without commissions

  • A diverse audience from hundreds of different countries

  • Instant AI moderation of photo and video content

Why is this satisfying for authors?

  • Chats with an auto-translator for better monetization

  • Paid private messages

  • More than 10 payout methods (depending on your country)

Why is this interesting for users?

  • Quality HD content

  • Fascinating gamification

  • Easy to view, engage and support your favorite broadcasters

Even offline

Your profile is a source of passive income. Share website link in social nets, post it at your website or send it to your friends individually. This way you'll receive interest from engaged viewers' purchases.

30% from users purchases

If your referral bought coins for $50, you will receive 30% of the purchase - $15.

10% from streamers income

If your referral earned $120, you will receive 10% of the purchase - $12

Why are live streams important for making new acquaintances?

LIVE streams are shown on the main page and help to get acquainted faster and receive more gifts, fans and messages. Users are more willing to communicate with those they see in person.

Access to chat

Chat in the room is now by default limited to VIP users. If you want to chat with everyone, adjust the setting before you start the stream.

Private messages

Share highlights from your life, assign a price for the ability to view content in private messages.

Instant notifications

We will notify you of every sympathy, including mutual ones.

Chat comfortably

In Flirtymаniа a stream can be started in two clicks. Try and see how easy it is!

Built-in auto-translator

Write to foreigners in your native language and the built-in auto-translator will do the rest.

Combining webcam services

Work and earn at several sites and devices at the same time. It's completely safe.

Easy withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal sum is $30. Use VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Yandex, QIWI, SEPA, Bitsafe services or get an invoice to withdraw money.

Paying without chargebacks. Get 100% of income, Flirtymаniа takes over refunds.

Safe and anonymous

Staying anonymous is extremely important for many girls. With Flirtymаniа you can choose the anonymity level that you are most comfortable with. Just use the privacy settings to block certain users and blacklist particular countries.

Add the finishing touches to your disguise – choose an unusual nickname (that will hide your identity) and a perfect stylish mask.

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