When it comes to being your own boss, which site is better? Flirtymania or Patreon?

Patreon alternative

You don’t need a Harvard degree or mile long resume to be successful. Your talent and creativity will pay off at Flirtymania. Whatever your language, age, or talent, Flirtymania is there to support you.


Don’t stick to a single payment source like Patreon.

Every second counts

Earn every second you stream online. If you have an excited and interactive audience, then get paid even more!

Paid subscriptions

With every viewer and subscriber, you get 100% of the subscription!

Privacy pays

Attend to private calls and make a killing with every minute!

Recieve thank yous in the form of gifts

Viewers are guaranteed to thank you for your work with 1 click!.

Interactive Audience

Your audience will help you out in your livestreams when you’re running out of ideas! When you’re ready to do a task those coins will flow into your account.

Don’t get skimped on subscriptions fees

The artist deserves the money they bring in. At Flirtymania you receive a 100% of the subscription fees!

As soon as a subscription amount is fixed, you start getting paid. No commissions, no hidden fees, just the proper payment!

How will you make a profit?

  • Unlike Patreon, you receive 100% payments without commissions

  • Payouts of up to $40 per month from a single subscription

  • You can switch your level setting with ease.

What’s the satisfaction for authors?

  • Bonus: chat with an auto-translator!

  • Bonus: quickly subscribe in a few clicks!

  • Depending on where you’re from, you can get paid in up to 10 different ways! Don’t stick to inconveniencing platforms like Patreon when Flirtymania offers you every option!

Why choose a paid subscription?

  • You get quality HD content

  • Go through an engaging description

  • Easily find the relevant tags

Offline, Online, and All The Time

Put up your hottest photos, write the juciest descriptions and start raking in the passive income!

Pay per Click

Every user pays to see your photos! Every 50 views are paid by the Flirtymania service.

Share For Views

Share Flirtymania links across your social media, friends circle, and professional network and engage a larger audience than every before!.

Themed Stream

Flirtymania offers you the creative freedom to theme stream your stream the way you like! Whether it a new outfit, role-play, or background, get creative! Flirtymania won’t try to censor or restrict your creative process at any point!.

Health Freak

Find yourself not having time to workout? Start working out and earning coins!

Reality show

Bring viewers into your everyday life! Show them around, engage your audience and earn coins!!


Treat your viewers and yourself to a bite through livestreams centered around food!

Comfort First

At Flirtymania you can start a livestream with just a few clicks! No complicated process or steps.

Built-in auto-translator

Don’t struggle with a dictionary, just let auto-translate do all the work!

Combining Services

Flirtymania offers the liberty and luxury of streaming from several devices and sites at once!

Easy withdrawal

Use VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Yandex, QIWI, SEPA, Bitsafe services or get an invoice to withdraw money upwards of $30 a day!

Get a 100% of your income at Flirtymania .

Safe and anonymous

Flirtymania understands some user’s need for privacy. If you aren’t happy with the level of privacy you have, change the settings to suit a level you’re most comfortable with. At Flirtymania, you don’t have to struggle to get the privacy you so rightly deserve..

Create the perfect disguise, get a cool mask, and choose an odd nickname and you’re set!

Don’t believe us, check out the two for yourself! Find the best of options at Flirtymania!